How it works-

We manage collaborations on an artist to artist basis and give each full creative freedom. This year we´re super into clothes because, bottom line fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries and we all contribute to it.

Why do we care so much?

There are 9 million pieces of clothes purchased every hour,
77 million pounds of textiles thrown out every day,
170 million children working for fashion giants, and
20 trillion gallons of water used by the fashion industry per year… WHAT?!
All of this is contributing to Global Warming and a ton of “natural” disasters.

We print your designs on our up-cycled, second hand and vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts or jackets depending on what you want and like best, with the goal of spreading your art and spreading the word.

As an effort to support your art, you´ll keep a % of the profits and a % goes to Landfeel and our recycling efforts. Details discussed per artist.